The Cliff Williams Memorial Foundation is a conduit through which business and individuals can become actively involved in improving the quality of education received by our children. Widespread support is vital to the success of our program. The people of LaSalle Parish are responding to the needs of our students. Foundation friends in other areas are also very important and a tremendous boost to our program. 
Today's students must not only have an understanding of the basic fundamentals, but also must be exposed to the latest technology and educational experiences in order to compete successfully in the workplace.  We thank our caring patrons whose support makes this exposure possible.
Cliff Williams Memorial Foundation has 3 main sources of funding:  interest earned on endowment, monetary gifts and the "Swinging for Education" annual golf tournament.
Interest Earned On Endowment
In 1991, Justiss Oil Company, Inc. formed the Cliff Williams Memorial Foundation and funded the endowment for educational purposes in LaSalle Parish.  The endowment has grown through the years, and interest earned from such is one form of income to the foundation. 
Monetary Gifts
Friends of the foundation give confidential tributary gifts in memory of or in honor of someone special.  A confirmation card is sent to the donor and an acknowledgement card is sent to the address designated by the donor.  The foundation has a fundraising campaign via letter to local business and individuals asking that they become a "foundation friend" by making an annual pledge to the foundation.  Foundation accomplishments in the LaSalle Parish School System help make this campaign successful.  Tributary gifts and "foundation friend" gifts significantly impact foundation income. 
"Swinging for Education" Golf Tournament
Each Spring, the foundation hosts its primary fundraiser, the "Swinging for Education" golf tournament. Patrons from near and far contribute to the tournament's success either as a participant or a sponsor. Tournament patrons are immensely important.
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